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Welcome  AudioNautes Recordings is part of AudioNautes, manufacturer of cost-no-object audio home products and distributor/reseller of the best quality discs available on the market (among them, Three Blind Mice 45rpm series -4 titles- made by Cisco Records).

AudioNautes Recordings started in 2010 with the purpose of offering the very best version ever of some favourite (sometimes almost unknown or forgotten) recordings.

The very first title has been an almost forgotten and amazing title originally published by Disque Cellier in 1982 and titled "Flute de Pan et Orgue", with Zamfir and Cellier. We decided to start with this adventure just after a contact with Mr. Cellier and his enthusiasm pushed us and deleted any doubt!

We work exclusively with original master support, analogue or digital, tapes or files or DATs, depending on title and purpose.
We do not start from remastered versions.
We work with the very best engineers worldwide, no compromise.
We press our discs at the very best plants.
We want the best.
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